Acting on the theory that a new coat of paint makes anything look better, Better Homes & Gardens has launched a new app for iOS devices that helps you paint anything better.

“How To Paint Anything” (99 cents) is a nifty tool that tells you, step-by-step, how to apply paint to any surface you can imagine — door hardware, exterior doors, room divider screens, ceramic tile, and of course, walls and floors.

If you’ve never painted before, the app has information and videos on must-have painting tools, brushes, sheens and the all-important prep.

But even if you’re painting proficient, the app supplies handy shopping lists, directions, and bonus tips.

We love the bonus tips, like these:

  • Wait 30 days before painting newly installed brick.
  • Painting laminate is a good temporary fix, but wear and water will compromise the finish over time.
  • Because the labor involved in painting a house exterior is so extensive, don’t be tempted to use inexpensive paint.

What’s your favorite painting tip?

By: Lisa Kaplan Gordon